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Water Main Repair

Turn on your faucet and you should get clean, clear and nice flowing water. This water is delivered to you from a water main under your property and to your faucet. Generally, a water supply line works fine for a number of years but if you notice water discoloration, low pressure, or an unusual damp area in your yard you may have leaking pipes. If this is the case, you can contact Rooter Help & Plumbing in Walnut, CA to repair any of your water line problems quickly before it gets any worse.

If you are renovating your home, then you should contact a plumbing maintenance service to inspect your existing water line to measure water pressure and flow to determine the right pipe configuration. It’s important to get it right before you start your project for easy, low cost repairs and installation.

Water Main Repair

Over time your pipes will start to wear and rust. Leaks and breaks in the water line can occur which will lead to flooding. We offer a 24 hour plumbing repair service to repair or install a new water line should an emergency arise. We will check and clear all your pipes of build up and can determine whether a water line replacement is needed.

If you need a water main repair, a new water line installed, or are concerned about any other plumbing problems in Walnut, CA, contact Rooter Help & Plumbing today to get all your plumbing services handled by a trained plumber.